Teach online. Learn online. Play online.

It seems that there is some misunderstanding about the possibility to purchase equipment during the Covid-19 KC-building lockdown.
Please check this before you buy!

Since Covid-19 makes it impossible for us to enjoy the usual teaching methods in our building, we encourage and support you to try out the online methods for teaching and playing together.

There are an enormous amount of software applications and hardware available and of course it’s up to you to choose what to use. From within the Royal Conservatoire we can only support a few of these applications.

The most important one for communicating is Microsoft Teams. All students, teachers and staff of the Royal Conservatoire can work with this application by making use of their own Conservatoire (koncon) login and password.

To directly start with Microsoft Teams without installing extra software, follow this link: https://login.microsoftonline.com/

For a more detailed explanation (small course) of Microsoft Teams, check this link:

On this part of our website we will introduce you to some software and hardware solutions, so you can follow lessons and play together with other musicians. Go to the E-Learning menu above or the links bellow and choose one of the options to find more details.