Electronics Workshop Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland

Computer Studio 3

General Information

Sample Cell



Start Up Procedure:


  1. Turn on the main power switch and the light switch next to the door.

  2. Turn on the rack by using the switch by using the switch on the rack.


Playback from the Computer:


  1. The MOTU 828 is the main sound card for the computer. Make sure its selected in the system preferences.

  2. The MOTU 828 is connected to the Tascam rack mixer in the stereo Input 2.

  3. Adjust volume on the MOTU, stereo channel 2 or the Main Out ST1 on the Tascam mixer.


Playback/Recording from the Tape Machines:


  1. Tape machines are connected to stereo channels 6, 7, and 8 on the Tascam mixer for playback.

  2. You can record on the tape machines by sending to ST2/Aux on the appropriate channel. Adjust the master volume of the Studer Input on the ST2 volume knob on the Tascam mixer.


Other Software/Equipment/Own Laptop:


  1. If you are using other software make sure its also using the MOTU 828 soundcard.

  2. If you use your own laptop use the mini-jack to connect to the Tascam mixer directly. It is connected to stereo input 5 of the mixer.

  3. The Capybara has its own audio interface and its connected to stereo channel number 4.

  4. The CD player is connected to Stereo in 3.

  5. Adjust volume on the appropriate stereo channel or the Main Out ST1 on the Tascam mixer.


Shut Down Procedure:


  1. Put the volume down on the Tascam mixer.

  2. Quit all programs and shut down the computer.

  3. Shut down the rack.

  4. Turn off the main switch for power and lights next to the door.


General Studio Rules:


  1. No drinks or food in the studio.

  2. If you need a password ask the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher or other students.

  3. Keep your files in a folder with your name in the appointed hard drive/folder.

  4. Do not install any software without consent from the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher.

  5. Do not repatch/remove cables without consent from the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher.

  6. Keep the studio tidy and restore it in the previous condition, if you used a screen, sound card or cables connected to you laptop reconnect it as it was before.

  7. If you encounter any problem or malfunction please report it to the EWP.


Signal Flow Chart