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EWP News New Mackie Drivers Available for El Capitan

Category: EWP News


Important update for users of the Computer Studio II (Sonology). Mackie has finally released updated driver which works with El Capitan and the Mackie Onyx 1640i which is installed in the studio. 

Download and instal the Driver HERE and you will be able to use the mixer as a sound card. 

2016-09-12 15:00:00

EWP News EWP Closed during summer holiday

Category: EWP News

The Electronics Workshop will be closed during the summer holiday. The last day we are open will be 8th of July and we will be open again on the 5ht of September. 

If you have borrowed equipment from the EWP you are kindly requested to return this until the end of this week. 

Enjoy your holidays!

2016-07-05 12:28:47

EWP News Final Presentations Form

Category: EWP News

Since the period of (final) Bachelor and Master presentations is coming close we would like to remind all students that have a presentation in KvB, AS, Studio I and Studio IV need to fill in one of these forms. In this way the right departments are informed of your activities and can give you the support you need.

This form needs to be filled in 3 weeks before your presentation. 

Other than our website you can find these forms on the Intranet as well. 

2016-04-15 12:37:44

EWP Equipment Giveaway EWP Giveaway #11

Category: EWP Equipment Giveaway

EWP is making a special end of the year giveaway. A lot of different items on the list this time. Take a look and coment here on the website or facebook to apply for the lottery. Make sure you write what are you interested in also! Here is the list:

- Telex Casette Recorder

2015-12-14 16:37:30

EWP News EWP Closed during the winter holidays

Category: EWP News

EWP will be closed during the winter vacation. Friday the 18th will be the last day we will be open for this year. We will reopen again on the 4th of January.

2015-12-14 11:56:22

EWP Equipment Giveaway EWP Giveaway #10

Category: EWP Equipment Giveaway

After a while since we ran out of equipment to give away we managed to find some more items hidden in a corner at the EWP. This time we are giving away 4 amplifiers:

- Pioneer SA-500A

- Technics SU-2100

2015-11-24 08:28:13

EWP News El Capitan and Tascam DM-3200 IF-FW/DMmkII Interface in BEA6&7

Category: EWP News

Some users of BEA6&7 studios had issues connecting to the firewire card IF-FW/DMmkII from the Tascam DM3200 Mixer after upgrading to El Capitan. This is because the old driver is not compatible anymore. There is a workaround using a beta version of a new driver but since its still in beta fase I would suggest to wait with upgrading to El Capitan since people are reporting issues even with other devices. 

If you have upgraded and you need to use BEA6&7 studios you can instal the beta driver. You need to download it from here an use iffwdm and firefly (user&password) to login. Instal the driver without having the mixer connected>shutdown>connect to the mixer>turn on your computer. 


2015-11-06 15:39:35

EWP News New Soundcard in Computer Studio III

Category: EWP News

This week we upgraded the Computer Studio III as well. We replaced the old Motu 828  with a newer version from the same soundcard, the Motu 828 MK3. Some issues which the studio had with noise and levels are now solved. 

There is now change with the workflow since the soundcard uses the same driver and same connections to the other equipment in the studio.

2015-10-30 10:01:43

EWP News New Mixer Installed in Computer Studio II

Category: EWP News


During the Autumn holiday we have changed the Yamaha 01v96 mixer in the Computer Studio II and installed a new Mackie Onyx 1640i analogue mixer which can be used as a soundcard as well. We hope the users of the studio will like the change and find it easier to use.

2015-10-30 09:44:54
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