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Electronics Tips&Tricks

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Electronics Tips&Tricks Simple audio amplifier

Category: Electronics Tips&Tricks

Simple audio amplifier with a LM386.

The LM386 chip is a popular little 8 pin chip at the moment. We have a lot of questions how to make a simple amplifier with it. The LM386 does not need a lot of extra components and that's why it is so easy to work with. When you use a 9V battery and a 8 Ohm speaker, the output power (Pout) will be 0,7 Watt.

The LM386 is an analog low voltage power amplifier, specially designed to use in combination with a battery (low current). You can make a headphone amp (for stereo you need two), a small active loudspeaker and lots of other (small, low powered) audio applications. I will show and explain how you can build a mono amplifier on a breadboard and printed circuit board.


Electronics Tips&Tricks How to build a circuit

Category: Electronics Tips&Tricks

If you are new to electronics, but you really want to create your first circuit on a printed circuit board, read the following tips to get started.

If it is really the first time that you try to make an electronic circuit, take my advise: start with a simple small circuit.

The best circuit designs can be found online, or in old-fashioned books ;-). Nice filters, powerful amplifiers, new microphone pre-amps, oscilllators and much, much more circuits can be found. But if you do found this great circuit, HOW do you proceed?


Electronics Tips&Tricks Ohms law

Category: Electronics Tips&Tricks

Ohms Law.
If you want to understand electronics and build nice cool circuits, it's important to understand Ohms' law. It's the most fundamental law in Electronics. Check the small cartoon. This shows Ohms law ;-)

With a constant pressure (U; Voltage), the amount of current (I; Ampere) in a closed loop is determined by the total resistance (R; Ohm) of that loop.

In other words: U = I x R



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