Some users of BEA6&7 studios had issues connecting to the firewire card IF-FW/DMmkII from the Tascam DM3200 Mixer after upgrading to El Capitan. This is because the old driver is not compatible anymore. There is a workaround using a beta version of a new driver but since its still in beta fase I would suggest to wait with upgrading to El Capitan since people are reporting issues even with other devices. 

If you have upgraded and you need to use BEA6&7 studios you can instal the beta driver. You need to download it from here an use iffwdm and firefly (user&password) to login. Instal the driver without having the mixer connected>shutdown>connect to the mixer>turn on your computer. 


2015-11-06 15:39:35
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I have tested with Pro Tools and Live and the solution works. I haven\'t tested yet with Logic Pro unfortunately but I think it should.
Is this solution working? I just purchased a 2015 macbook pro installed with El Capitan. Hoping leverage firewire as i have in the past for older mac and PC with no issues. Running Logic Pro. Will this beta driver work with Logic?