As some of you know last week we started with the EWP giveaway action. The first item we offered was a TEAC audio mixer model 2A and it was immediately claimed by a Sonology student. 


This week we have two Peavey Model 1210TS Passive speakers and we are giving it away to the first person who comes here to pick them up. Here is how they look like:




As with the other devices we do not know what the state of the equipment is. We do not use it anymore and we do not have time to test or fix it. If you are interested in using it in your project, fixing it or use it for components you are welcome to have it as long as you take it away from the EWP. 


Hurry up, first come first served. 


2015-02-10 14:06:55
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And the winner of the two Peavey speakers Stefano Sgarbi, student from Sonology. Stay tuned for the next piece of equipment in our giveaway list!
That\'s great guys !