Electronics Workshop Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland

Electronic links

Ewp Internet links


We use a lot of different internet sites for all kind of purposes: new studio gear, electronic components, instruments, cables, education, drivers, pcb manufacturing and much more.  Underneath a list of a few popular internet links that we use at the EWP.



Electronic Components

http://www.farnell.nl  Farnell Components Electronic components / sensors
http://www.rs-online.nl RS Compontents Electronic components / sensors
http://www.reichelt.de Reichelt Germany  Electronic components, devices
http://www.conrad.nl Conrad Electronics  Consumer electronics
http://www.intronics.nl Intronics  Pro electro
http://www.sparkfun.com Sparkfun Usa  Sensors, components
http://www.antratek.nl  Antratek Nederland  Interfaces, programming
http://www.distrelec.nl  Distrelec Nederland  


Studio / Music / Light / Computer

http://www.thomann.de Thomann Germany  Music instruments, studio gear
http://www.msv.nl Maarten Sound and Vision  Studio gear, PA
http://www.helios.nl Helios Haarlem  Studio gear, PA
http://www.keymusic.com  Keymusic Den Haag  Music intstuments, studio gear
http://www.aem.nl Audio Electronics Matthijsen  Studio gear, PA
http://www.ljs.nl Apple supplier  Apple computers
http://www.oostvoorn.nl Van Oostvoorn Cables
http://www.redcoon.nl  RedCoon  Online computer/beamer/misc shop



Misc. Supliers

http://www.monacor.nl Monacor / Konitech  Components
http://www.manutan.nl Manutan (Overtoom)  Office supply
http://www.bax-shop.nl  Bax  Online computer/Beamer/audio/studio
http://www.multi-circuit-boards.eu/ Multi-pcb Printed circuit boards
http://www.schaeffer-ag.de/en/products/front_panels/ Scheaffer Front panels


Electronic tools / education

http://www.yenka.com  Yenka Electronics simulation
http://www.cadsoftusa.com  Eagle CAD software PCB design
https://www.circuitlab.com   Electronics simulation
http://www.docircuits.com   Electronics simulation
http://www.partsim.com   Electronics simulation (pspice)
http://www.ipson.nl  Ipson  OSC interface, Sensor info