Electronics Workshop Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland

Studio Bea-6





Start Up Procedure:

  1. Turn on the main power and light switch near the door.

  2. Turn on the MacPro if necessary, located on the left side of the table.

  3. Turn on the Tascam DM-3200 mixer if necessary, the ON/OFF button is in the right back side.

  4. Load the BEA6Default project in the DM-3200. Press ALT+PROJECT, MANAGE PROJECT at the bottom of the screen, use the Jog to select the project and arrows to select LOAD, press ENTER.


Routing to Speakers and Subwoofer

  1. In BEA6 Default project the routing to the speakers is set on the output assign panel of the mixer, following the bus to speaker scheme (1=FL, 2=FR, 3=BL, 4=BR, 5=FC, 6=BC, 7=SL, 8=SR), adjust these settings if necessary.

  2. To use the Focal Nearfield monitor route your channel to the stereo output and adjust the stereo master fader. The level for these speakers is independent from the Volume8 controller.

  3. To use the Subwoofer choose Aux1 or Sum on the switch under the Volume 8 controller. If you choose Aux1 than you need to make sure you send the channels you need to Aux1. If you use SUM than all 8 channels are sent to the Subwoofer.


Using your own Laptop with Mini-Jack

  1. Use the Mini Jack cable to connect your own laptop to the mixer.

  2. The Mini Jack is connected on Analog Inputs 15-16 which can be found on LAYER 1 on the mixer.

  3. Adjust the level on the mixer faders, unmute and adjust the volume on the Volume 8 controller.


Playback & Recording using the DM-3200 as a audio interface:

  1. When using the Tascam DM-3200 with your own laptop, download and install the appropriate drivers (http://tascam.com/product/if-fw-dmmkii/downloads/).

  2. Using a Firewire cable, connect to IF-FW/DMmkII inserted at the back of the mixer.

  3. Open TM Companion Software to make sure the IF-FW/DMmkII interface is detected and locked, if not restart the computer and mixer until it is.

  4. Select the IF-FW/DMmkII as the Input/Output device in your computer/application preferences. (ProTools:Setup>Playback Engine).

  5. Outputs 1-16 from the IF-FW/DMmkII audio interface can be found on LAYER 3channels 33-48 on the mixer. (ProTools: Setup>I/O>Import Settings>‘BEA6 DM3200 IO’, Select Outputs: Tascam Channel 33-48).

  6. The Bus Outputs 1-16 from the mixer can be found as Inputs 1-16 in your DAW. (ProTools: Select the inputs ‘Tascam Bus Output 1-16’).

  7. Adjust the level on the mixer faders, unmute and adjust the volume on the Volume 8 controller.


Shut Down Procedure:

  1. Put the volume down on the Volume 8 controller and press the "Mute" button.

  2. Quit all programs and shut down the computer.

  3. If you made any changes to the BEA7 Default project, save the project with your own name.

  4. Turn off the mixer by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ALT and press enter when prompted, (Wait for the message “Turn off the mixer now”, then press the ON/OFF button at the right side back of the mixer.

  5. Turn off the main switch and lights in the studio.

  6. If chairs or tables are removed from the studio, please put them back where they belong.


General Studio Rules:

  • No drinks or food in the studio.

  • If you need a password ask the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher or other students.

  • Keep your files in a folder with your name in the appointed hard drive/folder.

  • Do not instal any software without consent from the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher.

  • Do not repatch/remove cables without consent from the EWP or the studio administrator/teacher.

  • Keep the studio tidy and restore it in the previous condition, if you used a screen, sound card or cables connected to you laptop reconnect it as it was before.

  • If you encounter any problem or malfunction please report it to the EWP.

Signal Flow Chart


 bea6 flow new