Electronics Workshop Royal Conservatory Den Haag, Holland

Manual download

Download the manuals of electronic devices, which can be borrowed at th EWP.
Let us know if you miss som manual, so we can complete the list. Thanks!

Video recorders /  Digital camera's

Canon FS-100    canon fs100
Sony DCR-SR200 Handycam
Panasonic NVDS60

Audio recorders (Flash, DAT, ADAT)

Edirol R-44     edirol r44
Zoom H2
Zoom H4
Marantz PMD670
Tascam DA-38
Tascam DA-20



M-one multi effect processor  

Audio Interfaces

Motu 828mk3       fa101
Edirol FA-66
Edirol FA-101
Onyx Firewire
Motu UltraLite-Mk3 Hybrid


Audio Mixers

A&H GL3   sd9
A&H GL4000
Yamaha 01V-96
Digico SD-9
Eurorack mixers



Midiman USB keystation 49  
Denon DNA7100 surround amplifier