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Sound request for final presentations

Final presentations (eindexamens) :
When you need technical support for your (final) presentation in one of the halls or studio's, you will have to provide the supporting departments the right information. You can do this by filling in one of the online sound-request forms. At the moment you submit this form, the supporting departments like Theater, Facility and EWP will be notified. Please fill in the forms as detailed as possible, so we can help you the best way we can. The online form also provides the possibility to draw or upload stage-plans. Please use this feature. If you do not know how, please drop by, so we can help you.

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Kees van Baarenzaal Arnold Schoenbergzaal Studio 1 Studio 4

Kees van Baarenzaal

When your final presentation is planned in the Kees van Baarenzaal, please fill in the form.
You have to make the choice on which location in the hall you want to do your presentation (Front stage, back stage, or the whole hall).
Important note: if there are more presentations on the same day, the presentations can be held in one location only. There can not be a changepver between locations. There is simply no time, nor technical means to do so. Make sure you discuss this with the students who also have their presentation on the same day and all agree on one location.

Final presentation in the Kees van Baarenzaal