CNC cutting machine

We recently bought a new ‘CNC-cutting machine’ so we can make our own front-panels or Printed Circuit Boards (pcb) in the future.Our colleague Paul is building the machine from scratch and soon it will be finished for us to realize our first project with it. If you want to know more details of this particular device, check this link

How to build a circuit

If you are new to electronics, but you really want to create your first circuit on a printed circuit board, read the following tips to get started. If it is really the first time that you try to make an electronic circuit, take my advise: start with a simple small circuit. The best circuit designs can be found online, or in old-fashioned books ;-). Nice filters, powerful amplifiers, new microphone pre-amps, oscillators and much, much more circuits can be found.…

Simple Audio amplifier

with a LM386. The LM386 chip is a popular little 8 pin chip at the moment. We have a lot of questions how to make a simple amplifier with it. The LM386 does not need a lot of extra components and that’s why it is so easy to work with. When you use a 9V battery and a 8 Ohm speaker, the output power (Pout) will be 0,7 Watt. The LM386 is an analogue low voltage power amplifier, specially designed…

Stereo Amplifier

This amplifier main purpose is to deliver reasonable audio quality with low power consumption in very tight and heat-less design. It can run from 11V to 30V and the more voltage you provide – the louder it gets (the voltage range is higher, so the amplitude can be higher – louder). The design is based upon the TPA3122D2 chip which is 15W digital stereo amplifier and we recommend you to check out the datasheet for more detailed information. Make sure…

New EWP website

Since our older Joomla (cms) based website needed a lot of attention and updates, we decided to change the website to another (kind of CMS), WordPress. WordPress is more ‘blog’ based. This means it is now easier for us to add some posts and keep you up to date. So that’s what we will try to do!