The Microsoft Teams application

More information about the use of Microsoft Teams can be found here. If you want to download the ‘teams’ click here. You can also use Microsoft Teams in your browser.

What can you do with this application? It’s all in the name: you can work in teams of different persons (classes / projects). You can lookup fellow students, teachers and staff to exchange information through video-chat, audio-calls and sharing and working together in documents. Conference calls are supported as well.

This Application can run on your laptop, desktop or smart-phone. It will make use of the on-board camera and microphone automatically. You do not have to be a hardcore technician to get this working.


d.d. 25-5-2020: The application JamKazam is working properly again. The last weeks they spend time (and money) to upgrade the system and with good results. So please, try it out and create your own private music session with your teacher, student or fellow musician.

d.d. 25-3-2020: We (EWP) experienced some instability with the application Jamkazam. Probably a lot of people word-wide try to access and use it. The program Jamulus (see below) worked quiet good. It only provides a high quality audio connection, no video. Check it out.

The application JamKazam is developed to play music together on-line. You can share audio and video with multiple players and create an on-line band or ensemble. Of-course you need some additional hardware like a microphone and/or an audio interface, but with some relative ‘cheap’ tools you can already play.

You can also record sessions and playback audio tracks. This application is very versatile. Take a look on this website for more information: The software is for free. You can download a so called ‘local’ application that will run on your computer.
Check the Youtube play-list below to find all the possibilities of JamKazam – it will take you 12 minutes.


With our EWP team we are searching for more ‘on-line applications’ that make it possible to play music together. We noticed the ‘Jamkazam application described above is quiet unstable (d.d. 23/03/2020). We think this is due to the immense amount of users worldwide that try to use these kind of applications.

In the search for good alternatives, we ran into the program Jamulus. This is a very simple looking application available for Mac and Windows computers. We tried it out with our EWP-collegues and we were positively surprised by the good quality. This program provides a good audio connection and no video. That can be solved by using another application, like zoom, at the same time.

To download and try out Jamulus, check this link.

If you have questions how to use this program, please contact us. Maybe we can help you out.

The main window.

The way it works: you have to connected to one of the many servers available and make sure the musician you want to play with is also connected to the same server. So you physically ‘meet’ at the same ‘place’.

List of available servers. Check the locations.

Reaper (DAW)

If you have experience with DAW’s then you can try to use REAPER to Jam Online with each other. It is quite easy to setup and the idea is similar to Jamulus only this is within a DAW so you have options for multiple channels, plugins, playback etc. Check out our TIPS page to see how to set it up. Bellow an example video of a Jam in REAPER.


Probably the most well known and oldest communication application is Skype. Feel free to use this app if you are already familiar with it. Take in account that the “Microsoft Teams” application mentioned above holds the same features – maybe even more! Also here the ICT department cannot support all the in’s and out’s of Skype. But feel free to use it.

Another worldwide used application to do conference calls and meetings is called Zoom. You can meet multiple persons in one meeting, which makes it a nice application to use it as an alternative ‘teaching’ or discussion app. The Conservatory ICT department does not support any questions when it comes to Zoom. Simply, because they cannot support all the different applications. But, feel free to use it. It is really easy to use and audio/video quality is fine for speech. Be aware of your privacy when you use this app!

d.d. 8/4/2020 disclaimer: the application Zoom does not comply with the privacy laws. A lot of personal data is shared without your consent.