Stereo Amplifier

This amplifier main purpose is to deliver reasonable audio quality with low power consumption in very tight and heat-less design. It can run from 11V to 30V and the more voltage you provide – the louder it gets (the voltage range is higher, so the amplitude can be higher – louder). The design is based upon the TPA3122D2 chip which is 15W digital stereo amplifier and we recommend you to check out the datasheet for more detailed information.
Make sure you assemble all your components beforehand, there is nothing more painful then waiting with almost finished device for that last bit 🙂 If you don’t trust your soldering, use a socket for the chip(IC) so you don’t have to solder it directly to the board. Be especially careful when buying the stereo jack connector – check carefully the layout on the board. There are several types of these ‘pcb mounted’ parts.

PCB Bottom side
PCB Top side

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