More gear available during lockdown

In the last weeks we received more and more e-mails with request how to improve the audio quality with on-line lessons. To be able to support the requests we had to invest and expand the amount of USB-audio interfaces and we had to ‘hunt’ for available keyboards in our building.

Because the “whole world” is looking for better soluttions to improve the audio and video quality, it was actually quiet hard to get the items that we wanted. What did we get in (order) this week:

4 x Q2n audio/video recorders. These devices make good audio quality recordings and can also add video to the recording. So if you have to make a recording of you playing, this device can come in very handy. When connected to your computer, you even can use it as a USB microphone ór USB-webcam.

4 x Roland Rubix24 audio interfaces. We expect these new interfaces the end of this week (17).

4 x tBone USB-XLR. We are very curious how the quality will be of these cheap, but very practical audio interfaces. It is nothing more that a cable with one USB-connector and on the other side a XLR-connector, which can be directly connected too your microphone. We tested it this morning, and it works!

A few weeks back, we bought two Audient iD14 interfaces, which have a good audio quality and are easy to use. At this moment we also have these interfaces available to lend. To also test out the smaller version of this interface and make it available as well, we also bought 2 x Audient iD4 audio-interface.

After a long search in different cabinets in our KC building, we found more keyboards that we can lend out to those of you who are in need to practice their ‘Harmony and skills’. If you want to borrow one of these keyboards (non weighted keys), please write an e-mail to

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