Ready for recording

A few rooms within the building will be furnished with recording equipment, so that students can make a recording without assistance. We will provide a manual and we are available for questions via our website or Microsoft Teams. Today we installed equipment in Studio1 ready to be used.

Some important remarks:
you have to bring your own SD card for storage of the recording. If you do not have one, please inform us beforehand – we can arrange one for you.
After the recording is made, the camera has to be cleaned (softly) with a cleaning agent that will be present in the room. This service for recording is offered from Monday to Friday from 10:00-17:00. Only one person per room/studio is allowed.

To reserve a room within the KC, as a student you can follow the procedure described in the ‘self study protocol’, whereby it is possible to indicate that there is a desire to make a recording (see the form). This protocol can be found through

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