EWP adjustments

Last week our colleagues created ‘one-way routes’ in the building so we can use our building and corridors the most efficient way in this new ‘Corona-era’. Today we also added a plastic screen to our EWP ‘sound-bar’, so we can start our regular lending services if needed. It looks strange, but when it is effective, we will deal with it!

We even think of applying small plastic glass pieces in between the workspaces on the EWP workbench, so it may be possible to work ‘side by side’ again.

For now (dd 11/5/2020) we keep our opening times schedule to be every Monday and Friday from 11:00-13:00. Also for now we still work on appointment and your gear can be picked-up from the table near the main-entrance. So if you need some equipment, please write us an e-mail with your request: ewp@koncon.nl

There are new routes in the building based upon colour and symbols. If you follow the arrows, you will reach your destination without bumping into other colleagues.

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