Updated: 7-5-2020

On day #46 of the Corona building lock-down, our director Henk vd Meulen and his crisis-team came up with the next step in slowly opening our KC building again for individual practise. For exact details we refer to the content of his e-mail and the protocols that were attached.

What does this new (phase #2) mean for you and for us?

  1. We will begin our more regular lending services again starting on Monday, May 11th. We have to prepare the “1.5m distance” way of working in our small workshop and this will take some time.

    For the time being we will be open on Monday and Friday from 11:00 – 13:00. We have to see how this time window develops in time. Let us know if you need something, so we can help you!

  2. We will prepare 5 locations in the KC with good video-camera’s installed, so you can record your presentation. Also the “one person per location” rule will be applied. The Kees van Baarenzaal and Arnold Schoenbergzaal will be equipped with video-camera and microphone(s) for a good quality recording and we will also provide minimal assistance.

    Studio 1, 2, and 4 will be equipped with the same good quality camera’s, but it will be self-service. We will prepare a step by step manual and there will be a big screen so you can have a good impression how the recording (composition of the image) will look like. Please bring your own SD-card for storage. If you do not have one, please contact us for options.

    You can also lend a video camera (see point 3) to make your own recording on a location outside the Conservatoire. Lending equipment does have its time limits of 5 days. We have to share the camera’s that we have with all of you that are in need.

  3. In this new phase #2, we still only can serve you if you make an on-line reservation by filling in the form or write us an e-mail with your particular question. This reservation will be handled by one of our EWP-collegues and after confirmation from our side we make an appointment for you to pick-up or return equipment.

    Picking-up equipment is only by appointment. The long corridor leading to the EWP will be a one-way street. For now we will place equipment at the entrance for you to pick up. This policy might change if things run slowly back to the ‘new normal’. We will let you know.

  4. The protocol for now is that only one person per location is allowed, so we can not open the EWP for individual projects yet. Our workshop simply is too small. Please write us an e-mail, or contact us through MS-teams when you have specific questions about lending or using components or tools. We will try to help you as much as we can.
Video recording setup in Studio 1