Since the Covid-19 outbreak we received a lot of e-mails how to improve the audio/video quality of on-line lessons and recordings. So the first thing we did is adding information on this website to give you tips about the use of hard- and software. Please check these pages.

There also seems to be some confusion about the fact that in some cases students/teachers can buy equipment to improve the quality of the on-line lessons and can get their money refunded afterwards. This ‘refunding’ will only be granted under strict conditions.

The conditions:
1. Write an e-mail to the EWP with a good motivation why you would need to buy extra equipment. We know this is obvious, but think it over please. If you live in/near Den Haag, you can still borrow equipment. For more information check this page.
2. Our colleagues of the EWP will decide which equipment can be bought, because it is a in-direct lending of equipment. You can buy the equipment, get your money back from the KC filling in the right form, but you also have to return the equipment when the lockdown is over. The equipment will be part of the EWP-stock in the future. Keep that in mind.
3. If you have bought the right equipment (see 2), you can fill in the form that you received from the EWP by e-mail and send this back including the original invoice. In a few weeks you will get your money back.

Please keep in mind that we do not refund purchases that not have been approved!