Below an impression of the equipment we have available to be borrowed for the support of educational projects. Please reserve equipment on time. You can do this by filling in the online form, or (even better) walk by the EWP and discuss the options with one of our colleagues.

EWP Rental Equipment List

Category I

AKG C1000 x 8
Shure SM 58 x 10
Rode M5 Stereo Pair
Samson CO2 Stereo Pair x 3
Samson C03 Multiple Pattern
Samson C05 x 4
Beyer Dynamics MCE 530
Cad GXL2200 x 2 condenser
Behringer C-1U
Behringer C-3 x 2

Category II

T:Bone Ovid CC100 x 4 Cello, Clarinet, Brass, Violin
Shure SM 57 x 2
Shure SM 58
Shure Beta 87
Shure Beta 58
Rode NT-2a Var. Patt.
Audio Technica 8022 X/Y Stereo Mic
Rode NT4 Stereo Mic
Rode NT5 Stereo Pair x 2
Shure PG Drum Kit
AKG - C411 contact Mic x 4
Behringer Measurment Mic + Volcraft

Behringer ultra-gain pro8 AD/DA  x 2
t.Bone USB x 4
Audient iD4 x 2
Audient iD14 x 2
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 x 4
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 x 2
Roland Rubix 24 (USB) x 4
Roland Octa-Capture (USB)
Focusrite Scarlet 18i20 (USB)
Behringer UMC 1820 (USB)
Alesis Multimix USB 8 FX
Mackie Onyx 820i (FW)
Mackie Onyx 1220i (FW)
Mackie ProFX 10v3 (USB) x 2
Mackie ProFX 12v3 (USB)

Zoom H2 Recorder x 6
Zoom H2n Recorder x 3
Zoom H2next Recorder x  4
Zoom H4 Recorder x  4
Zoom H4 PRO Recorder x 3
Zoom Q2n x 2
Zoom Q2n 4K
Zoom Q2n White x 5
Zoom H3-VR x 2

Canon HD x 7
Sony HD x 14
Canon FS-100

Microphones Category III

Soundman Binaural x 4
DPA 4060 set x 2 + windshield
Sennheiser K6 + ME66 x 2
Mole-Rat EMF x 2
Hydrophone x 4
Sony ECM-957PRO MS Mic

Recorders Category II

Sound Devices 744T Recorder
SoundField Mic + Power Supply
Edirol R-44 4-ch. Recorder x 3

Behringer BD205D x 10
Img-StageLine PAK-8
Img-StageLine PAK-108 x 2
The Box PA 110A x 2
The Box PA 112A x 2
EV S200 Monitor x 2
QSC Amps x 2
Bose SoundLink III
Bose Companion 2 III
Behr. HD8000 headphone amp x 2

Mackie 1402 (6 mic 4 st.)
Behr. MX1084 (6 mic 6 st.)
Behr. Xenyx 1202 (4 mic, 4 st.)
Behr. Xenyx 1204FX (4 mic, 4 st.)
Behr. UB802 (2 mic, 2 st.)

Peavy Keyb. amp KB100 1 (keys)
Sessionette 75 (guitar)
Polytone mini-brute IV MKII (guitar)
Polytone mini-brute IV (guitar)
Gallien-Krueger MB (bass)
Hughes & Kettner Triplex (gitaar)
Jazz amp 1 Polytone (bass)
Jazz amp 2 Polytone (guitar)
Jazz amp 3 Hughes & Kett. (guitar)
Jazz amp 4 Orange Crusher 35RT (guitar)
Jazz amp 5 SWR Working Man 15(bass)

Yamaha NP-11 Midi Piano Keyboard #1
Yamaha NP-11 Midi Piano Keyboard #2
Korg K61 USB Midi Piano Keyboard
Novation Impulse 61 USB midi keyboard

Acer p1203
Acer P1265
Acer H3550
Optoma Opera Beamer (wide angle)
Philips LC4445
Sharp PGA10x

EWP Concert Equipment List

Microphones Category IV

AKG AS zaal Wireless Handheld HH
AKG Wireless Portable Set HH + BP
AKG PW45 Presenter Set ISM
Sennheiser E100 set Body mic G1 x 2
Sennheiser E100 set G3 HH + BP x 4
Audio Technica AT350 x 2
DPA 4099 D:VOTE Stereo Pair
DPA 4099 Core2 x 7
AKG C519 (with clarinet clip)
AKG C 417 PP x 2
KM184 set Stereo Pair x 2
Sennheiser 504 Drum Kit
DPA 4061 x 4
Sennheiser MKE-2 Set
Sennheiser e906
T:Bone Earmic 500 Headset x 2
Sennheiser Headsets HSP Essential OMNI x 2

Midas M32R
Midas DL16 Stage Box
Midas Venice F16
Yamaha 01v96 x 2
Digico SD9 Stage Box x 2
Digico D-rack x 2
Digico UB MADI
Digico Red Box x 2
Meyer Sound Galileo System
Meyer Sound UPA-1A x 8
Meyer Sound Sub USW-1A x 2
Amadeus Top PMX5 + Sub INA 8 Set x 8
LAB.Gruppen / Xilica Amp + Processor for Amadeus Set x 2
Alcons LR7 Line Array Set x 16
Sentinel Amps x 2
Axys U-14 x 4
Axys Sub x 2

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III
Gallien Kruger MB108

Sound Project X-Act monitor x 8
JBL Eon x 4

* The listing in EWP Concert Equipment list shows all the equipment that is used for concerts, exams and all events produced by the Conservatory. The availability is limited, only with special permission you can make use of these items.