If you want to see what equipment we have available at the EWP, you can checkout our Google sheets links below. These sheets give you an overview of all the available equipment and if it is available (reserved by others).

We have two reservation books. One book with regular equipment and one book with PA related equipment. For this last book you need special permission to make reservations. If you need PA for this special educational project, contact us or walk by the EWP and ask for the possibilities.

Regular reservation book

This book covers most regular items like microphones, recorders, video camera’s, loudspeakers and small mixing consoles.

PA Reservation book

This reservation book is only to be filled in by members of the EWP. The list shows all the relevant equipment that we need to support all the concerts and presentations within our Conservatory. If you need to reserve some items walk by the EWP and ask about the possibilities.