“Streaming Categories” in the Conservatoire

Fill in the stream request form here! ONLY CATEGORY I & II

The last couple of weeks we receive lots of streaming request and we have the impression that the term’ streaming’ is not always clear for everybody. At least, not everybody has an idea of what these request mean “technically speaking”. So let’s try to explain!

There are a few different types of streaming that can be realized, so we defined different categories to make the internal communication more transparant.

Category 1

This is first and the most simple category AND the most easy and fast to realize. An iPad on a stand with a WiFi connection creates an effective setup. The camera of the iPad (4K) and the sound are of good quality. This setup works for ‘MSTeams’ and can be of help to make an online connection between student and teacher.

Category 2

The second category is based upon a ‘Mobile set’ thats consists of a computer, (tv)screen, camera and microphone. The set can be installed in a relative short time and provides good quality audio and video.

To request a Category 1 or Category 2 type of stream you can fill in the form using the link bellow.
Fill in the stream request form here! ONLY CATEGORY I & II
Category 3 or 4 type of stream can only be requested and approved by the production department or board.

Category 3

Category 3 is the most extended version of a stream setup. Multiple camera’s, good audio quality, good lighting and full technical support. This category will only be available for official projects within our Conservatory and needs enough preparation time (2-4 hours) to maintain a good quality. The stream link will be unlisted (not public) but can be shared amongst family and friends.

Category 4

In essence category 4 is the same as category 3 with the exception that external technicians (television and camera specialists) are flown in to make sure the quality of the official KC-stream is (near) perfect. In this category the stream link will be public and will be part of the official Royal Conservatoire concert-agenda. The source material of the recordings will be used for promotional purposes.

Fill in the stream request form here! ONLY CATEGORY I & II

Some examples of category 4:

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