Three full-time technicians are working at the Electronic WorkshoP (EWP), all with their own specific tasks. Students are supporting the busy activities of the EWP by helping with the shop and the lending services. So there is more time to spend on repair, maintenance, development and student-projects.

Lex van den Broek is mainly concerned with the development, design, building and documentation of new equipment for studio’s and projects, supporting students and teachers with the most diverse wishes and questions in the technical domain. Lex is also teaching theoretical and practical classes in analog measurements and digital interfacing to the first year Sonology and the first and second year ArtScience students.
As head of the department, Lex is responsible for all that concerns the electronic workshop (EWP). For more information about all the projects Lex is involved with, check the website:

Paul Schenkels is a specialist in video- and audio-equipment and therefore doing much of the repairing and maintenance of that equipment. Also building new devices for the diverse studios and their maintenance is part of his job.

Marko Uzunovski is the sound-engineer in the EWP. Marko graduated from Sonology in june 2013 and knows his way around in the school and is familiar with all the PA-technology for live sound reinforcement. In June 2019 Marko graduated for his master degree “Aus Licht’. He is also much involved with the maintenance of all the electronic studio’s within the building.

Siamak Anvari (alumni Sonology) gradutead for his master Sonology. At this moment he is working on his Phd. He is coordinating all recordings of the final presentations and with his wide knowledge about video and photography he is great help and colleague in our EWP. Siamak works in the EWP and the Theatre for 3 days in the week.

Simone Sacchi (alumni Sonology) is helping us with the moval to the new building. Setting up the new Workshop, helping students and teachers with hybride teaching and supporting the big amount of live streams that still has to be supported.

Internship Students 2021-2022:
Liza Kuzyakova (Sonology, B3)
Pablo Castaldello (ArtofSound, M2)
Gaia Heichal (sonology, B3)