Tip: How to make a simple video recording

Make a video using your smart phone

On and iPhone or Android the easiest would be to use your camera app. Make a Video/Audio Recording and this will be found in your Gallery/Photos App. From here you can share your recording using Microsoft Teams or social apps: WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger etc. Check our guide on how to improve your video quality.

Make a video on an Apple computer

On an Apple computer the easiest method is to use Quicktime Player. Open Quicktime and navigate to the menu File>New Movie Recording. Next to the recording button there is an arrow downwards, click on this to select your input.

If you don’t have any external device then just use your FaceTime HD Camera from your laptop and internal microphone. If you do have an external device, which for a desktop computer you probably will need, make sure you have all the necessary software/drivers installed before opening Quicktime. Follow the same steps and select your external device(s).

Make a video on a Windows computer

On a Windows Computer you can use the Camera app to make a vide recording. Check the video bellow for more instructions.

Video Editing

Once you’ve recorded your video, you may want to edit your footage. Everything from basic trimming to adding transitions, titles and effects is simple on both IOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. 

Check out this link to find the best Android or iOS video editing apps.

On Windows you can use the built in Photos app, check the video below for more instructions.

On a Mac you can use the iMovie app, check the video below for a quick tutorial.

Making a Screen Recording

You can also make recording of your screen. Check the videos bellow on how to record your computer screen on an Apple and Windows computer.

Record your screen on an Apple Computer

Record your screen on a Windows computer