More and more applications can be found to improve the audio quality for music online. Recently our colleagues of the ZHdK pointed out a great new application called “Sonobus”. This free, opensource Mac/Win/iOs application will provide you with a wide range of audio qualities and many powerful features.

Sonobus main window

In some way this application works the same as Jamulus, but in fact the setup is much different – more transparant and more private.

First of all this application creates a so called Point to Point connection. So no special server is needed to make contact between users. Basically you just create a new group-name and a password and you share this with the users you want to work with.

Create a group-name and password, fill in your name and connect.

As soon as you press ‘connect’ the main window will show a ‘strip’ with your own audio-channel.

‘your’ channel

When the other users connect as well, they will pop-up the same way. Before you connect you have to configure your audio devices. Also this is transparant and easy.

audio settings with test tones …

Sonobus also supports the making of session-recordings and even a metronome is part of the package. We are very curious if this application will meet our expectations! To find that out, you have to try it out!
You can download the app here

For more information about how to setup Sonobus for the first time, check this video:

More information about the delay/performance related to buffer sizes and audio compression…