EWP WordPress website no longer updated

Since the move to the new building in Amare we are also re-organizing our digital structure. The colleagues of our Marketing and Communication department introduced the new KonCon portal Sharepoint (portal.koncon.nl), where also the EWP will have its own small domain to share important technical information. Checkout: https://denhaagkabk.sharepoint.com/sites/electronicsworkshop
You will need your xxx@koncon.nl account to acces this site.

This means that we will no longer keep this website (https://ewp.koncon.nl) up-to-date. It is too much work to maintain both platforms. We will keep this EWP website in the air as long as it takes, so all relevant articles and pages still can be reached and used. The reservation of equipment (the new online form) as well as the view of the online reservation books will be moved to this new online area.

We hope to welcome you in our new digital world very soon!
All the Best,

The EWP.