Hardware can be your laptop-computer, the desktop-computer, your iPad, iPhone or a microphone, audio-interface, keyboard or webcam. All together we call this hardware. The standard hardware we carry around daily is already very powerful piece of equipment making e-Learning more accessible for everybody.

Take your smart-phone. This is a small powerful computer with a microphone and camera already onboard. With only your smart-phone you can follow lessons, make audio- and  video-recordings, browse the web and much more. Combined with a laptop computer (PC or Mac) you basically have a complete studio, ready to be used.

We know that for ‘real good’ quality audio- and video recordings, you need external microphones, mixing consoles, pre-amplifiers and full HD high resolution camera’s, which you normally can borrow at the Electronics Workshop. But for now (corona crisis) this is not an option. The building is closed. Suppose you would like to add more quality in the recordings you want to make the upcoming weeks, what do you buy and why?

What is a good and affordable microphone for example? Which audio-interface can I use? Can I make use of USB-microphones? Did you know (for example) you can use your smartphone as webcam?


Sound Interfaces


(Web)Cameras – Coming Soon