Considering the current situation, we are more dependent on the online platforms in order to communicate specially for study and work.  Here are some tips for making better video recording with your phone. This can be of course applied to live streaming and video conferencing. 


Good lighting is essential for a good quality video. Try to use the available light (such as windows) as much as possible. Also think about the direction of the light. For instance avoid pointing the camera toward the light source.


Use horizontal orientation with your device. This gives the standard 16:9 image which is suitable for most of the displays. Also think about the angle, try to position it straight and at eye level. This gives a natural viewpoint.


Try to use a tripod or a fixed position for your phone. Handheld shaky video can be very distracting and makes it difficult to follow the content.


External microphone and extra light enhance your video considerably if available.

The following Youtube links demonstrate the points: