Here are some tips on what kind of microphone to choose for your recording, stream or on-line lesson.

USB Microphones

USB microphones are probably the most easy and affordable way to expand and improve the quality of the audio for your recording, live stream or on-line lesson. There are microphones with build in sound card which you can connect to your computer or tablet via USB cable.

There are lot of types, mostly meant for podcast/voice but you can choose one that is more suitable for instruments unless your instrument is your voice. This means it should be able to fit on a mic stand so you can find a better position which will pick up better your instrument.

The most affordable and acceptable microphone for voice or instrument we found on thomman.de is Behringer C-1U. You can get some more decent quality by investing some more money and get something like the Rode NT-USB. Watch the video bellow to find out more about this kind of microphone.

Instrument / Voice Microphones

Regular microphones do not have an integrated sound card. They need an external sound card to be able to interface with your computer. Check our page on sound cards if you need more information about this.

These microphones come in various shapes and sizes. Some need so called phantom power (+48V) to be able to work. Make sure your sound card or mixer has this option before you get one of these (condensor) microphones.

Check out the video bellow to learn more about how microphones work.

If you are looking for an instrument microphone then the first decision is if you want a microphone that goes on a stand or a clip microphone. A microphone on a stand such as AKG C1000s is probably more versatile and can be used for various instruments but are less portable option.

AKG C1000s

A microphone such as the t.bone Ovid System CC 100 is small, portable and there is a large variety of clips available so you can fit it directly on the instrument.

t-bone Ovid system CC 100

If you are looking for a vocal microphone then as seen in the video a large diaphragm like the Behringer C-1 gives you the best quality while a dynamic vocal mic such as the Shure SM58 is rugged and can be used for concerts as well.

Behringer C1