How to use OBS (& the KC Stream Sets)

To be able to stream with better quality on YouTube you will need a computer, camera + streaming dongle or a USB camera and eventually either better microphone connected to the camera, USB microphone or Microphone(s) with an external interface.

The KC Stream sets are equipped with a MacMini Computer, Sony Camera, Elgato Stream Dongle and Audient Audio Interface.

Sony Camera on top of the Screen

To prepare your streaming setup or any other first you need to connect your equipment, for the KC Stream Set do the following :

  • Mount the camera on the tripod
  • Carefully connect power and HDMI cables to the camera
  • Switch on the TV, input port should be set on HDMI 1
  • Switch on the Mac Mini. The password is on the TV, bottom left.
  • On the audio interface, press the first button – the one with the speaker symbol – and move the knob to the left until the LEDs are green.

Then you need to setup up your streaming software, in this case it is OBS:

  • Open OBS to set up the streaming (if you are using the KC streaming sets some setting may be already done in OBS but nevertheless is worth checking them step by step)
  • Click + in Sources to add the video input and select video capture device 
  • In Create new select ok 
  • Choose the capture device Cam Link 4K and press ok 
  • Adjust the size of the screen by dragging the sides of the preview. It will lock in place when it reaches the borders, but it can be bigger or smaller. 
  • In OBS go to Settings to set up the audio interface.
  • Select Audio option in the left hand pane.
  • Use Cam Link 4K for Mic/Auxiliary Audio and Audient iD14 for Mic/Auxiliary Audio 2.

Once the OBS software is set up and had the right equipment selected you need to set YouTube up in order to receive video from OBS:

  • Open Chrome and go to YouTube to enter the streaming interface.
  • In the Upcoming you will find two prepared streams: one for the event, and one for testing, otherwise create or schedule a new stream.
  • Select the stream and copy the Stream key
  • In OBS, go to Settings, and select Stream on the left hand pane. Paste the stream key from Youtube  
  • You can now press Start Streaming on OBS, if you wish to record press Start Recording as well.

At this point you should be seeing the video and audio signal that you are sending with OBS on YouTube.

When you are ready to go LIVE, go to Youtube and press Go Live. Click on the arrow to get the link to be shared with the audience.

After going live, everything you stream will be streamed to the audience. If you interrupt the stream the link will not be usable anymore, so you’ll need to prepare a new one. The stream key will remain the same.