Jamulus Server Update

The last months the programmers and makers of Jamulus made it again easier to setup your own server. At this point it is nothing more than installing a normal application – start it and the server runs.

At this moment they just released version 3.6 (d.d. 28-october-2020).

For making the server work properly with the home network settings and the security, you have to make sure the right port are opened within your main router. This is also referred to as ‘port-forwarding’.

Main window Jamulus server 3.6

This the main window. The upper part is showing the clients (= the other players) and their computer information (IP-adres and name).
In the middle there is a choice to make to which server-list your server will be registered to. The standard list is mostly full. This means there are too much servers registered and there’s no place left for an extra one. If this is the case, choose another ‘genre’.

There is also the possibility to record sessions directly to your hard drive.

For more detailed information check the Jamulus website

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