This “” website will no longer be updated.

As per June 2022 this EWP-website will no longer be kept up to date. We will change our main focus to the newly introduced Sharepoint website, where we will continue informing the teachers and students with the latest technical updates.

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Location of the EWP is at the 6th floor in Amare, 6.72

Electronics Workshop

Welcome to the website of the Electronics Workshop of the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag (NL), the EWP. On this website we share useful technical information for all of the students and teachers of our Institute. You can find general information about our studio’s and concert halls, how to reserve equipment when you need it for a performance or how to ask for support for your final presentation.

Borrow equipment

For students and teachers of the Royal Conservatoire it is possible to borrow technical equipment. This is (still) free of charge. Microphones, flash-recorders, cables, video cams, adaptors, DSP equipment and much more gear can be borrowed. It is important to make reservations in advance. Items can only be borrowed when it is needed for educational or school related projects. Find here a list of the equipment that can be borrowed.

Concert Support

When concerts in the KvBz or Asz are in need for sound technicians, the electronic workshop can be of assistance. We take care of the PA system within the Conservatoire. It’s important to provide concert information in time; at least 7 days before the beginning of the concert. The extra gear that is needed for the performance, should be reserved on time also.

Education support

A big part of the lessons and presentations within the Conservatoire use projection, video-display and/or audio playback. In other words: technology is needed for the education. Teachers and students are in need of the right connections between projector and computer. A beamer doesn’t not work, the audio needs to be updated or the mixing-console in the electronic-studio is acting up. The EWP can help out with technical advise and all kind of adaptors.

Electronics Design

New analogue and digital electronics is designed in the EWP to support Art, Music, Research and Dance. Sensor interface design, new types of generators, multimedia installations, assembly programming and much more. For more in formation about what new technology is developed, visit the Ipson website:


To provide in the need of Flash-drives, batteries and other kind of tapes, the EWP also functions as a little shop. Students and teachers can buy these supplies for a small price.


What’s in the name? Of course the EWP is a workshop. Broken equipment is being repaired and old equipment is being restored. Students can also make and test their own projects. If you want to make your own project, drop by and we can help you out.

Maintenance / Repair

All electronic audio/visual (AV) equipment inside the building is supervised by the EWP. If there is any defective device, the EWP will try to solve the problem and, if necessary, buy new equipment. So if you find something broken or defect within the school, please report it to us.

Recording and streaming

To provide in the need for recordings within the Conservatoire, we recently bought a complete new video recording set. With this set, consisting of PTZ camera’s, joystick and Blackmagic web-presenter and ATEM, we can stream, record and and remotely control the camera’s.

Technical advise

The EWP also functions as a technical information point for the whole Conservatoire. Students, as well as teachers are always welcome for technical advise.